Spahaven Singapore: Laser Hair Removal ( permanent)

Spahaven Singapore presents the world’s first painless laser for permanent hair removal.

How much do you think electrolysis would cost for hair around the nipples?

I have several dark hairs around my nipples. They frequently become ingrown, and need to be plucked very often because my hair grows really fast. I’m thinking about electrolysis.
How much do you think that would cost? How long would it take? Do you have to have more than one treatment? How does it work? Is it worth it?

hair laser remover machine .. online?

hellooo …
I’m looking for laser hair remover machine … just like the ones used in salons … please it’s very important … where can I find them online ?
thx a lot ..

Permanent hair removal on face for guys?

Hi, does any guy have any experiences with permanent facial hair removal on the face? I am sick of cutting and bumping my face up, despite following all the guidelines on how to “shave properly” and am considering it…

Does permanent facial hair removal get rid of the stubble like waxing would?

What sort of cost would it be?

Would there be a risk of scarring?


Any home use permanent hair removal products you tried and worked?

I know laser and electrolosys are permanent so I don’t need to hear that unless you’ve used a home kit product that permanently has removed your hair. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Have a nice day.

What is the experiment called where they lyse the cell and study its cellular membrane components?

I’m familiar with the experiment but I’ve forgotten the name for it:

It’s where they lyse (or kill the cell) and centrifuge its cell-membrane. Naturally, the heavy components (such as proteins) will settle to the bottom and the lipids will “float”. And you end up with these “zebra marks” which you put in a gel-form…What is this test called again?

Um, I think I may be confusing this with the DNA analysis where you break apart the DNA and place it in a gel medium for electrolysis… I just need someone with this knowledge to confirm this.

Is there a permanent hair removal method which the hairs don’t have to be present to be removed?

Laser hair removal and Electrolysis the hairs have to be present to be removed. Is there something that can like scan the skin or something to stop them growing.
I don’t want to have to go to the salon with hairs all over me.

If i use Electrolysis or Laser hair removal to get rid of hair, will it take longer if i have fast hair growth?

I have very fast hair growth. I want to remove some of my facial hair but i want to know if i get it done with Electrolysis of laser hair removal, will it take longer than usual to permanently remove the hair if i have very fast hair growth
Nancy that isn’t the question. If i use laserhair removal or Electrolysis will my hair take longer to remove than if i had normal growing hair speed

Hair Tutorial: Hair Removal (For more Visit for makeup, hair and skin care)

More info: To purchase epilator (red) (purple) FYI: I’ve use this only on my bottom part of my legs and underarms. You can use it in other areas too. Everyone has different pain tolerances, so take into consideration how you…

What do you use for at home permanent hair removal?

I want something that really works that I could use at home. If it isn’t permanent it should prevent hair growth for months or even a year. What have you used that worked?

Electrolysis or laser hair removal on stomach hair?

I have some coarse, dark hairs on my stomach- right below my belly button for about two inches. I was wondering if anyone has had electrolysis on their stomach hairs, or laser hair removal and what they think would work best. Right now I wax my stomach once a month. Thanks.

Tria Laser Hair Removal

Overview of the tria Hair Removal Laser

Anyone ever tried electrolysis hair removal?

What part of your body?
How long did it last for?
I heard you have to go back several times?

I really need to know what PERMANENT hair removal system is best to invest in, with effective results?

I have tried, foolishly, the Finally Free ”Permanent” Hair Removal Kit. It was a load of rubbish, didnt work (not one hair was removed after several attempts), and feel angry about spending a lot of money on a scam. Please advise me what other techniques are permament, reliable and effective without having to pay for it professionally. Thanks.

What is the most effective laser hair removal machine?

I want to know which laser hair removal machine is the most effective. I don’t want an at home machine, I just want to know which one is the best. Is ELOS good? There are so many different people advertising hair removal and all are using different machines so I just want some insight from people who have had laser hair removal. I live in Canada by the way. Thanks for the help!

Has anybody tried the Epila laser hair remover?

Ok well I’ve been wanting to get laser hair removal but it costs so much, and I came upon Epila. I was wondering if it’s as legit as it sounds.

Where can I find and buy a permanent hair removal cream?

I’ve heard about lazer hair removal but I want to know ,if there is a website out there,that I can go, to buy a permanent hair removal cream.

ELECTROLYSIS vs LASER The truth about permanent hair removal.

This is a video which I discuss the difference between laser and electrolysis hair removal

What is the best thing to use for permanent hair removal?

I saw a product in a catalogue for around £100 which claimed, after several treatments, hair removal would be permanent. I don’t know any other details about it though.

What is the best thing for permanent hair removal? The best method I have found so far to remove hair is waxing.

Electrolysis Hair Removal : Electrolysis Breast Hair Removal Prep

Breast hair is light and easy to remove with electrolysis. Find out more about getting rid of breast hair with electrolysis from an experienced hair and body care specialist in this free video on hair removal. Expert: Karen Cowles Contact: Bio: Karen Marlise Cowles boasts more than 25 years of experience in all areas of hair care and body care. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

What is the best electrolysis hair removal program?

I want my back hair gone. I heard a commercial for "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow." They seem reasonably priced. Does anyone has any other companies nationwide that they used and had great results??? Also were they affordable?

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